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You had me at hello.


We will make you pretty.


Spreading the Gospel.


We will sell you so hard.

About Jason...

Jason is an integrity-driven business analyst and User Experience Architect who excels in strategy, cross-functional team leadership for discovery, requirements gathering, and creative strategy. He manages and executes tactically across production for creative, user experience, multimedia, online media, content management systems, web application, and e-mail deployment. With over 14 years of strategic planning, user experience, web development, requirements gathering, documentation, information architecture, RFP, BRD and SOW development, business development, and project management experience, Jason has worked with both clients and in-house enterprise corporations producing technical and IT-related deliverables for interactive marketing, creative, illustration, web development and implementation, landing page optimization, promotions, SEM/SEO, and online advertising initiatives.

Jason is a dynamic individual able to fit into any work flow starting at conception, managing the deliverable, to maintaining its lifecycle and brand. In his various roles, he's helped to grow small business from 400k / yr to over 6 million in ~3 years, fostered social communities, managed extensive email lists and campaigns, ppc / sem / seo, payment processors / Gateways, implementation of alternative payments systems, catalog management for CSE's & Amazon, project management; In other words, either a birds eye view of the ecosystem, or macro focused on specific business KPI's.

ACE Cash Express
Senior Manager, User Experience
October 2014 - Present | Dallas / Fort Worth Area
Develop the internal and external products through wireframing and prototypes to improve the User Experience with the Product Management / Ecommerce team. Sitecore content manager charged with improving how we as a business are able to be more agile and nimble in our communication with our customers. Manage the development of our CRM / email communications utilizing Responsys. Employ User Testing, Usability Sciences, ClickTale, story boarding, and analytics to determine problematic design patterns and work to creatively solve areas that affect CX.
ACE Cash Express
Senior Web Developer
December 2012 – October 2014 (1 year 11 months) | Dallas / Fort Worth Area
UX hybrid role between Development, Business, and Marketing. Lead front end developer in charge of HTML and CSS standards for the marketing and lending applications. Migrated the email service provider from Exact Target to Responsys and developed a template-based system within Responsys while porting the communications over to a responsive email format.
Social Media Developer
May 2012 – July 2012 (3 months) | Dallas / Fort Worth Area
Technical Services and support for the first ever video commerce platform. Implement social media campaigns ranging through the platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linked In. Main lead on all email programs focusing on account creation, list scrubbing and segmentation, taking creative and coding it for best deliverability, testing, and delivery / reporting. Working in, modifying, and upgrading WordPress systems for our clientele and internal sites.
Founder / Designer / Developer
January 2012 – Present | Dallas / Fort Worth Area
GoodThread is focused on custom tees and apparel, lifestyle products, Leather Public Domain novels re-envisioned with custom photography, and more with a focus on the good. We are a start up and currently still in development.
eCommerce Director
August 2005 – December 2011 (6 years 5 months) | Dallas / Fort Worth Area
Collaborate with outside vendors to leverage the brand and presence. Print collateral (i.e. ads, flyers, postcards, promotions, store front displays). Project management from conception to rollout. Work with business to determine the best implementation to ensure adoption in day to day operations. Social Media setup and management on a day to day basis including Twitter, Facebook, etc. Oversee operational implementations in order to grow with an aging workforce and internal systems. Photography of product and stock for communications. Oversee internet systems and support of 5 brick and mortar storefronts. Director of ReadingGlasses.com, EyeGlassesToGo.com, and GooGooEyes.com. Design custom email campaigns, maintain lists, and deliver maintaining best practices. Manage outside teams to keep internal resources at a minimum while keeping on schedule and avoid Scope Creep.

Few systems integrated:
Baynote, Thanx Media (Endeca), Celebros, FiftyOne, Amazon.com & Checkout By Amazon, X-Cart shopping cart & complete rebuild, Content Delivery Network & Cotendo, Channel Advisor, AlertSite, RackSpace Hosting, Offsite Backups, Adobe Scene 7 Image Server, Ortery Photosimilie 360 Photo Boxes among others.
The Market Source
Internet Director
February 2004 – June 2005 (1 year 5 months) | Dallas / Fort Worth Area
Responsible for creative and implementation. Research market saturation and trends. Design custom email campaigns to provide direct marketing in order to increase profitability. Collaborate with outside vendors to tailor online advertising. All print media (i.e. business cards, flyers, promotions). Implementation of 5 websites, built in php, mysql, html, and css.

Take Aways:
I worked independantly with a small group of entreuprenuers working in the PEO industry among real estate and other ventures. I had to build nimble sites that could be easily replicated and skinned, user friendly for the not so “internet savvy,” and work within constantly changing directions.
Always 24 x 7
Web Designer
June 2002 – February 2004 (1 year 9 months) | Dallas / Fort Worth Area
Responsible for look and feel over creative output. Interface directly with the development team to meet business goals. Formatting the sites to w3 standards. Responsible for front end design (html, css, graphics, layout, etc.). Intermediary to clients’ needs and implementation changes. Create print ads, letterhead, and special promotions.

Take Aways:
I worked hand and hand with the PHP developers and executives to create a multitude of dating sites along with client driven projects such as Fellowship Church. The gentleman here had built MatchMaker.com and sold it to Lycos so I had the pleasure of working with some very experienced nerds.
I work mainly with html5 & css3, and have majorly worked in a LAMP environment utilizing php, mysql, apache, tomcat, javascript / jquery, etc; I am by no means a hard core (ninja) programmer, I am a front-end developer. Apps I often work in are Coda, Adobe Creative Suite, iWork, Microsoft Office, Font Explorer, & Internet Browsers (Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE, etc.). Online apps generally include PhpMyAdmin, Plesk, and cPanel; WordPress, Joomla, and Magento, X-Cart; MailChimp, Blue Sky Factory, Exact Target, and SubscriberMail; Woobox, UnBounce, HootSuite; Wrike, BaseCamp, and Jira... Among many others far to boring to mention here.
My process is a common sense approach which has developed over the years and will probably be tweaked tomorrow. I start at the foundation: content. Like a house, the foundation is the most important part to any project if one hopes to achieve sustainability and growth. It's at this stage that we form the basis for search engine optimization, wire framing, layout, content structure, and user experience. To keep with the house analogy, would you put the brick on a house that only has naked studs? Well, you shouldn't! I start from the ground up, thinking mobile / responsive, typically utilizing Bootstrap; Building out each piece with (hopefully) constant feedback from my clients so we end up with a product that is useful, semantic, performs at / or above industry standards, and flows through to achieve the specific CTA's. This is just 1/4th of what needs to go into a site or campaign that will yield the expected results, just as throwing some concrete on the ground with pipes, slapping up some studs, and bricking it in doesn't make a home. It takes a lot of attention, focus to detail, & ongoing maintenance to build a livable dwelling, and the same extends to a successful business / website / campaign.



Internet Retailer
2008 - Chicago, IL
2009 - Boston, MA
2010 - Chicago, IL
2010 - San Diego, CA
2011 - Boston, MA
2008 - Palm Desert, CA
2008 - Baltimore, MA
2009 - Palm Desert, CA
2009 - Phoenix, AZ
2010 - Palm Desert, CA
2011 - Palm Desert, CA
2011 - Phoenix, AZ
Mid Market E-Tail
2006 - San Francisco, CA
2007 - San Jose, CA
Internet Retailer Web Design & Usability
2009 - Orlando, FL
HOW Design Conference
June 2007 - Atlanta, GA
2010 - Dallas, TX
Vince Harrill, Director, IT Operations, Cinsay
“Jason impressed me with his ability to identify and implement key components vital to effective search, ecommerce, design and user experience. He has a keen eye for details that most marketers that I have known typically miss.” July 12, 2012
Wade Shiflett, Online Marketing, Consultant, Cinsay
“I have had the pleasure of working with numerous web producers and programmers from around the globe in my career. If I had to select one with whom I could work again, it would be Jason. His aesthetic acumen, design eye, knowledge of best practices and workplace demeanor are second to none. I give Jason my highest possible professional recommendation and would very much look forward to working with him again.” July 10, 2012
Neal George, Sr. Account Manager, Mercado Software
“Jason is a very capable e-Commerce professional. He is well versed on key technologies that make a project successful and the sense of urgency to create change and get things done.” April 12, 2008
Cathy L. Ward, Sales Account Executive, Dallas Morning News
“Jason has worked with me on advertising for Reading Glasses.com. I have worked with Jason for almost a year as he has designed and created ads for Reading Glasses. He is very detail oriented, extremely creative and turns his work around to us in a very timely fashion. Jason has always worked in a very professional manner and is a pleasure to work with each month.” April 1, 2008
Travis Isaacs, Webmaster, Ready Reading Glasses
“I helped hire Jason to replace me at ReadingGlasses.com. I immediately noticed Jason's attention to the details (and I mean details), as well as his ability to take a step back and see the bigger picture.

Since hiring Jason, I've had the pleasure with working him on other projects for Reading Glasses. He's completely immersed himself in the business to better understand how his role effects the rest company. He's a fantastic designer, clear and deliberate communicator, oh, and brilliant photographer.” March 28, 2008
Anna Calloway, Technical Sales Manager, Celebros
“Jason is a very intelligent and business savvy individual. With his current company’s interests at heart, he weighs all options and makes the best decisions possible based upon his own experiences and his findings through research. I recommend Jason to any company who would allow him to be in a management role and/or a decision making role.” March 27, 2008